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PV Energie

"Perpetuum Mobile Universum" - Solar ist unser aller Gewinn!

Dauerenergie. Wo stehen wir heute mit solarer Energie Bereitstellung?

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Photovoltaik and Flywheel
Photovoltaik and Flywheel
computer center east Switzerland with kinetic energy storage!Art.Nr 30.229
Mutation 2018-08-29

computer center east Switzerland with kinetic energy storage!

light house project

Computer center east Switzerland

A brilliant building application was born in Switzerland 2010, to store photovoltaik power in to a flywheel (section: uninterruptible power supply).

Please for all global power roadmaps, we do not need batterys or fossil energy on earth. Leave all stored energy on earth where it is and look forward to bind the solarenergy balanced into global power smart network!

Please think kinetic as well in big and all over the world!

Sample application Rechenzentrum Ostschweiz

Flywheel Siemens

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